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                        Building A Stronger Union 
Join a Committee

Elections- Committe Director Monica Amaya

Elections for MESP officers and other members of the Executive Board, held in the spring, are supervised by the elections committee.


MEMBERSHIP-Committe Director Lavinia

This committee works to increase membership in our organization and works to improve benefits for our members.


Collective Baragaining- Committee Director Melissa Merryweather

Wages and working conditions are all negotiated through a  collective bargaining process.  The School Board and MESP each have representatives who come together throughout the year to collectively bargain the terms of our contracts.  There is a contract for all non-instructional staff, or ESPs. As new language is agreed to by the collective bargaining teams,  it is submitted to the School Board members and to members of the bargaining unit for ratification.

Events- Committee Director Flora Weathers

MESP has numerous events throughout the year including an Appreciation Day, Rep Council Training and Family Day picnics . These events are important to our organization, and we are always in need of individuals who are willing and able to plan them. This is a great way to get involved.

Government Relations- Committeee Director (Open)

We need members to able to take action and keep up and contact your local and state legislators. Take a stand speak at Town Hall or local board meetings.


Sunshine- Committee Director Marisol Martinez

Is just a little way to help members stay happy and positive throughout the year. We plan socials, organize treat days, and give little appreciation gifts throughout the school year. Over the years, this committee has definitely helped me feel appreciated and loved throughout the year.


If your interested in joining please contact Committee Director by email.




Empowering YOU

MEMBERSHIP in MESP is open to all full-time Education Support Professionals which includes paraprofessionals, clerical employees, Health Clinic Assistants, and other non-instructional employees of the Marion County Public Schools System.
If you are interested in becoming a member just click here for Deduction Form. You can put your completed form in courier to "MESP ", or you can e-mail it to us. 

Become a Site Representative 

Building representative known as “Rep”, Worksite Leaders are key to strengthening member rights and articulating employees’ reviews. Reps provide the link between elected union leadership and members, bringing our union to the worksite level. Their job is to make our union presence felt, field questions, build memberships and involvement, and give voice to members concerns. Building a team of active building representatives is the way to strengthen our collective voice and negotiating power, and spreads around the difficult labor of running an effective local union.

Email form

Need representation email:

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